About Us


The innocence of a child is one of the most beautiful things in the world. You can see it in their eyes, in their smiles; hear it in their laughs. They have no idea of the evil that exists in the world because they are so full of love. At the end of a school day, their mind is focused on getting home and being in the arms of their mother or father. They’re excited about love, cuddles, and afternoon snacks. But in some cases, that innocent child has NO idea that there’s an entity of deception and evil waiting to change their plans for a good day. And the treasures that are in the heart and mind of that innocent child soon becomes something that is hunted and stolen by people who look like they’re supposed to care.

The harsh reality is that there are demons walking around in regular clothing, appearing to be human, pretending to be sane. But deep down inside of their twisted DNA, they are sick and pathetic. Their hearts are cold and stony. Their plans are laced with trickery and deceit. And they’re only purpose is to bring damnation to families, ripping them to shreds if possible.

Every single day, women and children become innocent bystanders in this awful competition. Most times, they have no idea that there is a money war on their heads and they’re being placed in the hands of the highest bidder.  For example: they find themselves in so called orphanages – never knowing if they will live to see the next day. From being killed for their organs to being forced to perform disgusting acts on grown “paying” men, these women…these babies….simply want to know, “Does anybody care about me?” Because it’s hard to believe that someone cares when you’re being raped multiple times per day.

It’s hard to believe that hope is available when you haven’t eaten in days. It’s hard to believe that you’re beautiful when you’re covered in filth and shame. It’s hard to dream when you’re living a nightmare as someone’s slave. Yet Billions of dollars are spent, yearly, to fund these underground and hidden escapades. And just like that, millions of young women and children are lost and trapped – never to see the light of day…..

Liberation 7 has boldly declared to wage war on the world of human trafficking. No human being should EVER have a label or price tag on them, especially the most innocent beings – children! Therefore, this organization was created to do what most won’t do. The subject and the acts that take place disgust lots of people, but not enough are so brave and bold to stand in the face of evil and snatch every soul that has been taunted by it. But Liberation 7 is here to do that and more!

This organization is comprised of trained and passionate individuals who are dedicated enough – even unto death – to free the women and children that are being abused by this heinous system. They are ready to travel the world, determined to snatch back these innocent beings and revive them with freedom. Will you join their efforts?